See how JC Penney’s, Kmart and Walmart are using the QR codes!!

This article/video shows how you can use a QR code this Christmas from JC Penney’s!

Here is an article about how Walmart and Kmart are using QR codes for the shoppers convenience!,0,5631526.story



 Last time I talked about what a QR code is…. this time I thought I would get your creative juices flowing and we can take a look at how they can be used! 


Have you ever been driving down the street and seen an ad/sign that made you want to know more?  Have you seen something advertised that you wanted to remember the product name so you can find out more about it?  Have you ever seen information that you wanted to write down but didn’t have paper or even a pen to write it down with?  Or better yet… you did have the pen and paper but in your haste to take down that information, you couldn’t decipher what you wrote, didn’t get it right, or forgot some pertinent items thereby rendering what you did manage to get USELESS?  I know that I have done that many more times than I care to recall and I am sure that I am not alone.


Welcome to the greatest uses of QR codes!  This is very exciting to me because I am a list maker and note taker.  I need “prompting” to help me remember things I saw that were of interest to me.  For instance, I am currently beginning to pay closer attention to houses that are for sale.  As it is now, if I see a house I am interested in inevitably the “flyer tube/box” is empty.  I am resorting to taking pictures of the real estate lawn sign, a picture of the front of the house or mailbox that shows the house number, and then a picture of the street sign.  All of this just so I can get online to try and find the information on the house.  Sometimes this method is successful, but most times a picture is blurred and I am not able to find my way to the information I was seeking in the first place. 


Realtors listen closely……. Place a QR code on your sign that I can scan and it will automatically take me to the online listing with all of the information I need! 


This is just the beginning……  I will be posting more ideas in the near future!